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2019 โ€“ 2020 Fall Individual and Team Athletic Accomplishments

Woodside High School

Football      5th seed in the 5A Region Tournament
2nd Round 5A Regional Playoffs

Anthony Harrington         2nd Team All District โ€“ Center

                                        1st Team All Region- Center

Kameron Lawrence         1st Team All District- Offensive line

Wil Sanchez                     Honorable Mention- Offensive Line

TJ Tilfas                            Honorable Mention- Offensive Line

Breyden Byrd                    Honorable Mention- Tight End

Bryce Phipps                    1st Team District- Running Back

Tyler Thompson                2nd Team District- Running Back

                                          2nd Team All Region-Running Back

Ricky Key                          1st Team All District- Wide Receiver

                  2nd Team All Region- Wide Receiver

Markus Watts                    2nd Team All District- Defensive Line

Esau Scott                         2nd Team All District- Defensive line

Dezmin Jones                    Honorable Mention- Defensive Line

Avery Scott                        Honorable mention- Linebacker

Seth Naotala                     1st Team All District- Linebacker

                                          1st Team All Region- Linebacker

                                           Defensive Player of the Year โ€“ All District

Koa Naotala                     1st Team All-District- Linebacker

Andrew Chamblee            1st Team District -Defensive Back

                 1st Team All Region - Defensive back

Kahleef Jimmison            2nd Team District- Quarterback

                                         2nd Team All Region-Quarterback

                                         2nd Team District- Punt Returner

                                         1st Team District- Kick Returner

Demetrius Bailey             Honorable Mention-Defensive Back

Tyreece White                 2nd Team All District- Defensive End

                                        2nd Team All-Region-Defensive End

Field Hockey                    11th place in the 5A Region

Ryen Gordon                    1st Team At-Large

Isabella Monge                 2nd Team All District- Midfielder

Imani Ross                        2nd Team All-District- Defense

Ann Carlson                     Honorable Mention

Girls Volleyball                10th seed in the 5A Region Tournament

Boys Volleyball                1st seed in the 5A Region Tournament

Tyler Markekau                  1st team All District

                                           1st Team All- Region

                                           1st Team All Tidewater Team

Ed Piloton                            2nd Team All Region

Carson Turnage               #2 Individual Golfer in Peninsula District

Cheerleading                   6th Place the 5A Region Competition 
Jayce Williams                 All District & Region Cheer

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